A tangible way of taking care of the world.

Our determination and understanding underpin our decision to help the planet, to guarantee a better future for the generations to come.

Our actions aim to reduce our impact on the environment and support peoples’ health at the same time.

We have chosen to sign up to international protocols for the sustainable management of chemicals in the fashion supply chain and we have invested in sustainability certification procedures.

Since 2018 our catalogue features a line of ecological products and we have launched a research and development project in cooperation with some of the major eco-friendly fabric suppliers.

A project to protect the environment and health

The sustainable chemicals management system we have adopted comprises a series of initiatives and operational practices.

We have joined the 4sustainability® project, implementing initiatives to comply with the strict requirements of the framework and, in particular, of the PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) protocol, in accordance with international standards and guidelines.

We also abide by the ZDHC MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), whose goal is to eliminate toxic and harmful substances from the textile industry.


The 4sustainability protocol for Chemical Management is a system for managing chemicals properly, developed to gradually eliminate toxic substances that are harmful to human health and the environment from manufacturing processes. The framework involves the fashion supply chain and provides the opportunity to transform business models with a view to sustainability.


The ZDHC MRSL protocol promotes a use of chemicals that is safer for everyone — not only for end consumers — and which is environmentally sustainable, too. The abbreviation MRSL refers to a list of chemicals whose international use in producing textile items and finishes is prohibited or severely restricted.

Eco-friendly products

The Lariotex eco brand identifies the certified products in our catalogue, to help customers choose eco-friendly products.

The fabrics in the eco collection may come from recycled or reclaimed items, or they may be certified in accordance with international industry standards, or they may meet both criteria.

lariotex cotone amb

The supply chain and supply chain management

Our colour is blue, as well as green, because we focus on the sustainable aspect in terms of our supply chain.

We are committed to verifying that textile manufacturers comply with international standards as regards product and workplace safety. We also regularly update the mapping of our suppliers in Platform 4s®, which is dedicated to chemical management and the management of technical fabric analysis activities.

Lariotex monitoraggio ambiente


We monitor all stages in the purchasing and selling process to ensure that our key values – quality, sustainability, responsibility – are respected.

We have implemented a labelling system for rolls of fabric that uses QR technology, so that we can efficiently and transparently track every step and all information relating to the product, including certifications.

Lariotex packaging ambiente


No package at Lariotex is unnecessary, because we choose to only use indispensable packaging in our supply chain.

Our packaging is made with certified and sustainable materials. The cellophane we purchase from our suppliers contains no BHT and we have stopped using plastic bags, using bags made from FSC®-certified paper instead. What’s more, one third of the pallets we use have been reclaimed.

Lariotex logistica


We have chosen to focus our energy and attention on making our logistics sustainable, speedy and reliable.

Just like us, our Jet Line and DHL partners also have clear sustainability goals: together we are committed to tracking and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from our procurement and delivery activities.